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Sanctions Against All SoftwareDevelopment Services from Russia

We are proposing a sanctioned ban on all Russian high-tech workers that are hired remotely by American companies in Russia.  This practice is also known as off-shoring, out-staffing, or remote team arrangements. 


There are hundreds of thousands of software developers working/servicing US companies remotely from Russia every year. Remote software development is a multi-billion industry for Russia,  These developers are primarily getting their work orders from Silicon Valley, Seattle, Austin TX, and the NYC areas.  Then, from this US-based work, they pay taxes in Russia.  Now Putin uses those tax dollars to kill civilians in Ukraine. 


In addition, as high-tech professionals, we believe the entire Russian Tech Sector shall be deemed as Dual-use goods.  In other words, the software development services and technologies that are normally used for civilian purposes can often have hidden military and political objectives.


All US high-tech companies have been strongly supporting Ukraine's fight for its people, its land, and its freedom.  Now is the time to take the next step and say “NO” to working with any remote software engineers located in the Russian Federation.


As an alternative, we strongly encourage hiring remote developers in countries that are supporting Ukraine in defending its people, its land, and its very right for existence!

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Sanction all Russia-based Software Development Services in the USA







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