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Take Action.  Support Ukraine!

Help Mothers & Children

Is to Help Ukraine Defend its FREEDOM 

Our Initiatives

Protection of Mothers with Children,

Volunteer Support

Volunteer, Participate or Donate

We are high-tech executives, who have been building amazing products for the US companies in Ukraine for the last 18 years...  Now we are helping Ukraine fight for its Freedom!

Max & Roman, Founders of Ukraine Org Project

Our  Initiatives

Mothers & Children

We are helping moms with kids to get to the western borders safely.  All males 18-60 cannot leave the country due to Martial Law. By providing safe passage to their wives and kids we ensure that Ukrainian Men can defend their Country


We are supporting volunteers in Ukraine by providing them with needed supplies,  missing equipment, and gear.

Refugee Support

There are many basic needs that we are in the process of addressing.  From feeding and sheltering Ukrainian refugees to providing them with warm clothes, security, and personal care.  We are partnering with our former employees and managers that we trust. 


We are partnering with a few organizations that organize temporary resettlement of Ukrainians in Poland, Romania, Hungary and other EU countries. 

Programs: US, CA, EU, AU

We are assisting applicants that want to escape Ukraine and seek asylum either in the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe.

All of the Ukrainians are under a great state of stress; therefore, our goal is to provide as much physical assistance as possible. 

Sanction Russian Tech

We are petitioning the White House to ban all Software Development services provided out of Russia to US-based companies.

Join Us

Empower Ukraine
in its fight for Freedom!


Our Team retains 0% of your donations. 
All goes to UKRAINE!   

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